DaVinci 10 Daily


DaVinci 10 Daily

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da Vinci 21 is a professional grade, anti-aging serum containing 5 types of growth factor proteins, specifically engineered in Korea for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. da Vinci 21 contains an incredible 21,000 ng/ml of 5 different growth factors working together to rejuvenate your skin. The high concentration of Growth Factor Proteins is not only the highest, but it is composed of the purest Growth Factor Proteins in the industry. The unmatched level of purity in our Growth Factor Proteins (>99.9%) leads to better results and makes this the ultimate skin rejuvenation solution.

HOW DOES IT WORK? da Vinci Growth Factors smooth & lessen the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Enriched with powerful antioxidants and moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid, da Vinci 21 reinforces the skin’s immune function to safeguard future aging. Your skin reveals a softer, brighter, clarified and younger looking complexion. This revolutionary non-comedogenic formula is specially formulated not to block your pores. da Vinci 10 continues the remarkable results for you at home. Growth Factor Proteins included in the da Vinci Complex are bFGF, IFG-1, KGF-2, EGF, and SOD-1.

WHAT IS HYALURONIC ACID? Hyaluronic Acid (HA) plays an important role in our formula. Our HA is a high Molecular weight, polyanionic polysaccharide and is naturally present in virtually all vertebrate tissues and fluids including the skin’s extracellular matrix. HA has a strong and complex relationship with the skin both physicochemically and biologically and supports the skin’s architecture. It governs the skin’s elasticity and is involved in migration and differentiation processes during wound healing and inflammation. We use HA in our formula for the following reasons:

  • Assists the delivery of the growth factors to the dermis for an effective treatment
  • Supports the skin’s architecture and elasticity
  • Encourages wound healing
  • Provides anti-inflammatory support to the skin

A powerful new cosmetic treatment alternative to fractal laser, skin peel and other damaging skin treatments. da Vinci ™ is a powerful cosmetic “non-drug” alternative to the treatment of skin. After as few as 2 applications, patients notice smoother looking skin and the appearance of fewer and small wrinkles.

DaVinci 10 Daily
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