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Hair Growth Factors w/ Microneedling

Factor G6 is a powerful growth factor powder containing six growth factors. They are applied directly onto the scalp after micro-needling with the Micro Pen to improve the appearance of Thin Hair and Hair Loss and drastically improves the circulation to the scalp, increasing nutrients to areas of need, restores Hair color and revives Hair Follicles.

The unique formula not only contains 15,000 ng /ml of large concentrated Growth Factors, but it also includes:

All of these components make up a complex Hair Loss prevention strategy, which is very simple to endure. Stronger, Thicker, Healthier Hair, prevents Hair Loss and provides much-needed assistance where Hair Loss is present.


When mixed with saline, Factor G6 is applied topically to the scalp after micro-needling the target area. Due to the size of Growth Factor Proteins, micro-needling the scalp prior to the application of Factor G6 improves the ability for the proteins to penetrate deep into the dermis where cellular growth occurs.

For more information on how Factor G6’s Growth Factor Proteins function, please contact HLCC.


  • Factor G6 application is performed by a Skin or Hair Care Specialist. The procedure is performed once per week for 8-10 weeks depending on the patient. The amount of time can vary based on the starting point of the patient. This weekly “ramp up” period is required to consistently increase the levels of active Growth Factor Proteins in the scalp. “Ramp up” treatments can be performed every other week instead of weekly, but the results will not be perceived as quickly.
  • After micro-needling the target area, apply the Factor G6 solution to the target area.
  • Once the “ramp up” period is completed, repeat the process monthly to maintain results.
  • Between treatments, apply HLCC Factor G6 Serum on a daily basis.
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