Understand Hair Loss & Our Treatments

Laser Hair Therapy

Laser Hair Therapy (LHT) is a non-surgical, scientific approach in the cosmetic treatment for Hair Loss, Thinning Hair, and Scalp Problems. LHT has been tested for effectiveness and safety for over 30 years all around the world. We sell and offer Cosmetic lasers now cleared by US FDA. The LHT non-surgical cosmetic treatments utilize a device containing 400 therapeutic laser diodes covering your head. HLCC’s® Cosmetic Laser Systems have more Laser Diodes (the element that transfers laser light energy to the client’s scalp) than virtually all other laser programs in the marketplace today.

LHT functions on the same scientific principle, as that of photo-bio-stimulation; Laser Light stimulates cell metabolism and helps damaged cells to repair themselves. This breakthrough technology has recently been featured on national newscasts across the country. Physicians are praising this new technology as an effective treatment for Hair Loss, when used in conjunction with proper products, such as HLCC Complete, the most potent natural DHT inhibitor and Re-Stim™ and Re-Stim+™.

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